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About SugarBash

Founded in 2014, the SugarBash vision creates a totally new ecosystem in social media, by creating a unique online community that includes e-commerce product discovery services, and live online events. SugarBash will create engaging interactive experiences for our Members with advertising from our Brand Partners.

SugarBash is the creation of Founder Samantha Kandah, an early employee at Apple Computer, under the mentorship of Steve Jobs. Samantha’s passion is discussing things that women love on a daily basis. With the launch of SugarBash, an online void is filled where women can freely discuss faves and raves in a controlled, positive and trusted environment.

Co-Founder Steve Harvey, brings to SugarBash his passion for helping and advising women on life, along with his multi-media outlets to disseminate the SugarBash philosophy and message.

SugarBash is headquartered in Chicago with offices in Silicon Valley.